What I learned last weekend.

These are just a few thoughts on what I learned last weekend.

I learned that pros don’t always act like it. I tried to watch the NFL ProBowl, but I couldn’t.  It was a lopsided event.  I noticed that it got so lopsided that both sides didn’t seem to care who won, so I didn’t either.  They were lackadaisical.  I have a profession.  Of course, in my case it’s a calling from God.  I don’t ever want to get either so discouraged that I don’t care anymore or so successful that I stop pushing to do things better.  Lord, keep me pushing forward for your Kingdom no matter what.

I learned that stuff happens. I did watch the College Football Senior Bowl.  In it Greg McElroy broke his hand.  He’s a quarterback and this could hurt his chances in the NFL draft.  He hit his hand on someone’s helmet in the middle of a pass.  It was something out of his control.  When things happen out of your control, it doesn’t help to worry or stress out about them.  What’s important is what you do next.  In spite of the circumstances, what can I do to move forward?

Things can improve. They don’t have to stay the same.  I also watched the Alabama Crimson Tide take on the Arkansas Razorbacks in basketball.  I rarely get to watch Bama Basketball.  It was fun watching them win by a significant margin.  The thing about Bama Basketball is that it was in the dumps for many years; usually bringing up the rear in the standings.  They got a new coach who has brought them a new spirit of competency and they now are competing.  Right now they are ranked 1st place in the Southeastern Conference.

God has created Christ-followers anew.  He’s made them new creations. If things are bad, know that with God carrying you through, things can get better.  That doesn’t mean the circumstances won’t be bad, but that he can work his purposes out in you no matter what and the circumstances don’t have to defeat you.

The Holy Spirit moves when I’m surrendered to him. God’s spirit really moved in church on Sunday.  I love it when He does.  People lives are changed.  They become more like Jesus.  But, the Holy Spirit is looking for the glory to go to Jesus.  If, in any way I try to take the glory and am not completely surrendered to Him, he doesn’t seem to move so readily. If you want God to work in your life, surrender completely—I mean white flag surrender…unconditionally and watch want God does.