Are you good in a crisis?

Johnny Jackson ChurchillLife is full of crises. Most of them you probably are reacting to and are not the cause of; someone hits your car, a baby in the family gets really sick, a bomb blows up at the finish line of a marathon.  Most of those things you cannot prevent. You just have to deal with them.

How do you handle it when you’re confronted with a crisis? Now, you can freak out, scream, and run when you are faced with an emergency or you can react in a way that helps those around you through the situation too.  We certainly saw both reactions at the Boston Marathon bombing.

My dad was exceptionally good in a crisis. He didn’t lose his cool. He thought clearly and gave good direction or advice. He didn’t let the emotion of the moment get him. He focused on the task at hand…getting through the crisis as best as possible. He was a U.S. Army officer and had successfully dealt with crises.

The best way to do that is to process the steps you should take during a crisis when you are not in one. Emergency personnel have a checklist memorized as what to do first, second and third when confronted with an emergency. You can do the same thing too.

Take time alone to think it out. When you have some type of physical crisis, like a car accident, what are the first 10 things you should do? Make a list before it happens, so that when it does you’re ready. If you have an emotional crisis, like a close family member, you love very much, is going through some very difficult situation. What is the 5 things you want to do so you’ll be able to think clearly and support them.  What do you do in a spiritual crisis, like something has happened that you doubt God or your faith? Make a list.  What do you do? …Pray, seek God’s word to you in His Word, seek out trusted counselors etc.

I think Jesus was good in a crisis. During the torture before the cross and on the cross he was thinking about other people. He told John to physically care of Mary Jesus’ mother. He stopped to minister to emotional women who were crying because of the brutality. He cared spiritually for his torturers, which was evident when He asked God, the Father, to forgive them because they didn’t know what they were doing. Now obviously the cross was physically, emotionally and spiritually brutal, but Jesus had prepared as best as he could. I think the prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane was part of that preparation. So, during the crisis he was able to stay composed and focus on others.

How do you take time to prepare for life’s crises? Please leave a comment and let us know.

9 comments on “Are you good in a crisis?

  1. TSWRIGHT says:

    The biggest first step is to know that crisis WILL come. While we should not (especially as Christians) display a defeated, “the sky is falling” demeanor, we should also not live with our head in the sand as if no hardship will ever befall us. Every event in life is God given/allowed and serves as an opportunity to glorify Him – most of the time the hard things and crisis offer a greater chance to fulfill that opportunity than does a “win.”

    • Good comment Terry. We can glorify God better if we realize that tough times are part of life for both believer and unbeliever. But, we can bring glory to God by the way we prepare and handle them.

  2. Henry Kidson says:

    I am saddened to hear that your new grandson is in such distress. David said to Gad, “I am in deep distress. Let us fall into the hands of the LORD, for his mercy is great;(2 Samuel 24:14). I trust you and your family will be blessed.

  3. I read this today: ” God does not protect us from that which He could perfect us through.” I thought it very insightful.. I pray for that peace that surpasses all understanding to prepare for life’s tragedies… We cannot always find an answer to the age old, infamous and excruciating question of: Why?, But since we are told to be prepared for life’s woes we are also told HOW to survive them…In close communion with God himself through His word and prayer and in close fellowship with Gods people. God has left for us a trail of faithful believers that in the wake of immense tragedy have overcome, God being glorified and proved true that peace and comfort is a blessed assurance to those most in need… I look at those believers as a source of Gods own power and I take solace in that. We are here for you John. Praying for a miracle. God is able!

  4. Emilio Cordova says:

    John – we are in full prayer mode! God has purpose for everything in this world. We will put our faith in Him. God Bless, Emilio Cordova and Family

  5. sometimes I have to wrestle with all kinds of thoughts and fight to keep myself from complaining and asking all the wrong questions before I can fully commit to Prayer, seeking God’s word, seeking out trusted counselors. Casting the care upon him is sometimes not easy, I find myself taking it back and carrying it around, but once it is completely let go, finding heaven’s perspective becomes easy in my crisis.
    Thanks for a great reminder!

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