Michael vs LeBron

Wizards v/s Heat 03/30/11It finally happened; the Miami Heat run of 27 straight wins came to an end with a loss to the Chicago Bulls last week.  I from Miami and am a Heat fan, so I was disappointed. But, at the same time glad I got to be a witness to the streak. I’ve seen every game of the streak on TV and I went to the Charlotte Bobcats vs. Miami Heat game on March 24th.  I enjoyed the whole thing.

The great pro-basketball player, Michael Jordan, owns the Bobcat franchise. I don’t know if he was at the game or not. He’s been extremely negative about the Heat player, LeBron James. James is clearly the most talented player in the NBA right now.  I’ve even seen a spate of recent articles saying that James is better than Jordan was.  I kind of get the sense that Jordan is jealous of Lebron and wants to guard his legacy as the greatest basketball player ever.

Jordan recently said that if he were to chose a team with the best current players, he’d choose Kobe Bryant first because he has 5 NBA Championships to LeBron’s one. Of course Kobe has been in the league a whole lot longer, but that didn’t seem to matter.  It was meant to be a slap at James.  I don’t know why he had to do that.  Clearly Jordan was a great player. Most retired athletes are gracious when others come up and do better than they did or break one of their records.  I don’t get that feel from Michael Jordan at all. He seems more bitter or spiteful.  I’m sure he celebrated a little extra when his old team, the Chicago Bull’s, beat LeBron’s Miami Heat team.

But, I loved LeBron James’ response to Jordan’s comment, “It doesn’t matter to me. If you take Kobe one and I go second, it doesn’t matter. I don’t get too involved in what guys say about me or if you take Kobe or if you take LeBron. As long as I’m on the floor and I make plays for my teammates, I don’t do what I do for other people’s approval.” (My italicization)   Here’s the Article.

I think LeBron’s attitude is right. He says he’s not concerned with Michael Jordan.  He plays for his teammates. If I were in his shoes, I’m not sure I would have said the same thing. I would have been devastated by Jordan’s comments.

Criticism is difficult for me. I want people on my side. I want people to like me. Unfortunately, many times I do want their approval. But, for a Christ-follower that should never be our motivation.  Paul said, in Galatians 1:10 Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ. In all we do, it should be for the audience of one, God.  That is the only being I need to please. Oh Lord, help me remember that!

So, here’s my question, who are you trying to please?

7 comments on “Michael vs LeBron

  1. brokerfabian says:

    I think we please God when we do what we are created to do. When we find our purpose according to his will. Clearly Jordan and James both found their calling. And both have done a great deal of good, and a great deal of harm with there success. But I think the results of our labor in following Gods purpose for us is a matter of divine Providence and sovereign will. Although thats no excuse not to care about the results… so a great filter for us is like you said… We should ask ourselves in all we do who are we trying to please?

    • John says:

      Fabian, thanks for commenting. It’s a great filter. God is pleased with us as we fulfill his purpose for us. That’s all that matters.

  2. Jim Nelson says:

    Sad to say, John, but I am more like you than I should be. I am too concerned with what others think. I need to be more concerned with that the Father thinks. So glad that Christ’s blood covers me. I enjoyed your thoughts on the Jordan / James issue. Sounds like James has the right perspective. Thanks.

  3. Henry Kidson says:

    LeBron knows that ultimately it is the people who will decide who is the greatest & usually thenew guy holds the upper hand. Even so, LeBron shows great character by taking the high road. He is clearly at peace with his current band of brothers. For myself, I try to do the right thing. If I can justify my actions, I am content. Humans are by nature judgmental and I know we tend to judge others without having all the facts at our disposal – if we did have all the facts, we might be more accommodating.

    • Henry, I agree. I like your comment, “we tend to judge others without having all the facts.” Many of us do that. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. Most of the time that is a good thing, but sometimes I get taken advantage of. But, I’m willing to live with that.

  4. Barbara says:

    I might be a little bit late giving you my side of the story…I should say that as we grow older we tend to look at the younger us and somehow critize them…more if they are succeding at what we used to succeed…lately…maybe because I am getting older and maybe wiser, I am acting towards the younger generations in a different way. I am learning to appreciate them…I have been at Baptist close to 28 years and I am seeing how the kids that started working for me are now Directors, Managers and Nurses and that makes me very happy…Jordan needs to grow wiser…we all need that…

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