I was reading Acts 27 this morning in my daily devotions. It talks about Paul’s shipwreck on Malta. I seemed to remember that the ship’s four anchors mentioned in the chapter had been found. I did a Google search and found a great video on Paul’s shipwreck.

This is extra-biblical proof Paul that weathered the storm with God’s helping hand. The anchors are a testimony of God’s gracious hand working in Paul’s life. You too may be weathering a storm. Look for God’s helping hand in your life. He will get you through the storm.  After he does, find a way to remember what he did.   Maybe write it down in a journal or tell your story to someone else.  That way when you go through the next storm you’ll remember that God carried you through the previous one and he’ll carry you through this one.

Take a minute now and pray for Malta.

2 comments on “Shipwrecked!

  1. Rafael Sifontes says:

    How amazing!

  2. believangels says:

    Thank you Pastor John, this video is very special. Just before Otto had his last stroke we were ready to go on a Cruise to the Mediterranean and in our itinerary was Malta…we had to cancel that cruise, but I know I will visit Malta one day, I really want to be there and visit the four anchors…visit Bible History…

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