There’s an app for that

Yesterday morning while it was still dark I went outside. I looked up and was blown away by the beauty of the night sky! I remembered seeing that there was an astronomy app for my iphone. I quickly downloaded the app and started using it. I just pointed the phone at a star, it told me the name of the star and showed me a picture of the constellation it is part of. Incredible.

Job said, “He is the Maker of the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the constellations of the south.” Job 9:9.  God made the stars, he formed the constellations.  We look up and marvel at what his hand has made.  I get to enjoy what the creator created.

We pray “hallowed be your name.”  Hallowed means to honor as holy. In other words to praise God’s holiness, his greatness.  Take a minute and look up at the stars and you’ll quickly be able to praise God for his creation.  There is an app for praising God, the stars & sky he created.

2 comments on “There’s an app for that

  1. joan says:

    When I get away from the lights of Oklahoma city, I am amazed at how many more stars are visible here than at home and how vivid the night sky is. With wonderment I thank God for giving me this to enjoy. My thoughts drift to all of creation… even something as simple as a butterfly. I go inside the house and am greeted by hugs and giggles from my granddaughters and feel the movement of the new little one in my daughters belly. Yes, joyfully and thankfully in awe I pray Hallowed is His name.

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